1924 WG7 Walter Mails Game Card Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title WG7 Walter Mails Game Cards
Year 1924
Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Game Cards
Number in Set

WG7 Walter Mails Game Cards Overview

WG7 Bancroft.jpgThe WG7 Walter Mails Game card set included a total of 56 cards (57 if you count the instructions card).

The set did include some stars but left a lot to be desired compared to other gaming cards, such as the WG5, WG6, or WG7 sets. Walter Johnson highlights the group and the set also included players such as George Sisler and Rabbit Maranville. One unique aspect of the set is that many of the players had their nicknames listed as well.

While making a nice living, most ball players in the pre-war era were always looking for side jobs and investing in business ventures. Of note is that Walter Mails, of whom the set is identified as, was actually a player at the time who created the set. Mails didn’t only create the game, but is himself included in the issue.

Fronts included a black and white picture of the player in question, a specific action for the game, and the player’s name and replica signature. Backs included a typical playing card design and were printed in both red and blue ink with generic images of baseball players included in small circles.

Most of the set isn’t done too bad. But several of the images are cropped oddly giving some of the cards an overly sloppy look. Also adding to that are the fact that a few different fonts are used for the action words. The set is relatively clean but the aesthetics could certainly be improved.

Finally, another interesting feature of the cards is found in the corners. The cards had rounded corners like other game card issues, but are not quite as rounded as other playing cards.

WG7 Walter Mails Game Cards Checklist

  1. Buzz Arlett
  2. Jim Bagby
  3. Dave Bancroft
  4. Johnny Basseler
  5. Jack Bentley
  6. Rube Benton
  7. George Burns
  8. Joe Bush
  9. Harold Chavez
  10. Hugh Critz
  11. Jake Daubert
  12. Wheezer Dell
  13. Joe Dugan
  14. Pat Duncan
  15. Howard Ehmke
  16. Lew Fonseca
  17. Ray French
  18. Ed Gharrity
  19. Heinie Groh
  20. George Groves
  21. Red Hargrave
  22. Elmer Jacobs
  23. Walter Johnson
  24. Duke Kenworthy
  25. Harry Krause
  26. Ray Kremer
  27. Walter Mails
  28. Rabbit Maranville
  29. Bob Meusel
  30. Stuffy McInnis
  31. Marty McManus
  32. Hack Miller
  33. Pat Moran
  34. Guy Morton
  35. Johnny Mostil
  36. Rod Murphy
  37. Jimmy O’Connell
  38. Joe Oescheger
  39. Steve O’Neil
  40. Roger Peckinpaugh
  41. Babe Pinelli
  42. Wally Pipp
  43. Elmer Ponder
  44. Sam Rice
  45. Edwin Rommel
  46. Walter Schmidt
  47. Joe Sewell
  48. Pat Shea
  49. Wilford Shupe
  50. Paddy Siglin
  51. George Sisler
  52. Bill Skiff
  53. J. Smith
  54. Harry Sutherland
  55. James Tierney
  56. George Uhle
  57. Instructions Card

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