1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakery Felt Pennants Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title BF2 Ferguson Bakery Felt Pennants
Year 1916
Size 2 7/8″ x 5 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Blankets/Felts
Number in Set

BF2 Ferguson Bakery Felt Pennants Overview



Created in 1916, this set consisted of nearly 100 miniature felt pennants distributed by Ferguson Bakery. The pennants included black and white pictures of baseball players along with their name and team on the fronts (backs were blank).

The pennants were printed on a variety of colored backgrounds.

It is worth noting that, while Jefferson Burdick cataloged this issue in his American Card Catalog as BF2, he was not aware of the distributor. His only knowledge, at least at the time of his 1960 publication, was that it was a non-tobacco felt and he stated that it was probably a gum or candy issue. That, of course, turned out to be incorrect.

With numerous stars and Hall of Famers such as Ty Cobb, Joe Jackson, Walter Johnson, and more, this is an incredibly difficult set to assemble. There’s also a little something here for everybody. Hall of Famers, several obscure players, and many members of the 1919 Chicago ‘Black Sox’ team. In addition to the baseball players, the set also included non-sports movie stars.

Also noteworthy point is that while the pennants were printed in an assortment of colors, they featured black and white player images. If some of the pictures look familiar, such as the popular pose of White Sox legend Joe Jackson, they should. These images were also used in the popular M101-4 set.

Finally, a scarce premium set related to the BF2 issue exists. Ferguson Bakery Prize Pennants looked basically the same as the BF2s but were much larger. They could be received by redeeming 50 bread coupons.

BF2 Ferguson Bakery Blankets/Felts Checklist

  1. Grover Alexander
  2. Jimmy Archer
  3. Home Run Baker
  4. Dave Bancroft
  5. Jack Barry
  6. Chief Bender
  7. Joe Benz
  8. Mordecai Brown
  9. George Burns
  10. Donie Bush
  11. Forrest Cady
  12. Max Carey
  13. Ray Chapman
  14. Ty Cobb
  15. Eddie Collins
  16. Shauno Collins
  17. Charles Comiskey
  18. Harry Coveleski
  19. Gavvy Cravath
  20. Sam Crawford
  21. Jake Daubert
  22. Josh Devore
  23. Red Dooin
  24. Larry Doyle
  25. Jean Dubuc
  26. Johnny Evers
  27. Red Faber
  28. Eddie Foster
  29. Del Gainer
  30. Chick Gandil
  31. Joe Gedeon
  32. Hank Gowdy
  33. Earl Hamilton
  34. Claude Hendrix
  35. Buck Herzog
  36. Harry Hooper
  37. Miller Huggins
  38. Joe Jackson
  39. William James
  40. Hughie Jennings
  41. Walter Johnson
  42. Fielder Jones
  43. Joe Judge
  44. Benny Kauff
  45. Bill Killefer
  46. Nap Lajoie
  47. Jack Lapp
  48. John Lavan
  49. Jimmy Lavender
  50. Dutch Leonard
  51. Duffy Lewis
  52. Hans Lobert
  53. Fred Luderus
  54. Connie Mack
  55. Sherry Magee
  56. Al Mamaux
  57. Rabbit Maranville
  58. Rube Marquard
  59. George McBride
  60. John McGraw
  61. Jack McInnis
  62. Fred Merkle
  63. Chief Meyers
  64. Clyde Milan
  65. Otto Miller
  66. Pat Moran
  67. Ray Morgan
  68. Guy Morton
  69. Ed Murphy
  70. Rube Oldring
  71. Dode Paskert
  72. Wally Pipp
  73. Clarence Rowland
  74. Nap Rucker
  75. Dick Rudolph
  76. Reb Russell
  77. Vic Saier
  78. Slim Sallee
  79. Ray Schalk
  80. Wally Schang
  81. Frank Schulte
  82. Jim Scott
  83. George Sisler
  84. George Stallings
  85. Oscar Stanage
  86. Jeff Tesreau
  87. Joe Tinker
  88. George Tyler
  89. Jim Vaughn
  90. Bob Veach
  91. Honus Wagner
  92. Ed Walsh
  93. Buck Weaver
  94. Ivy Wingo
  95. Smoky Joe Wood
  96. Pep Young
  97. Heinie Zimmerman

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