1916 Ferguson Bakery Premium Prize Pennants Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ferguson Bakery Premium Prize Pennants
Year 1916
Size 9″ x 23″
Images Black and White
Type Blankets/Felts
Number in Set

1916 Ferguson Bakery Premium Prize Pennants Overview



The BF2 Ferguson Bakery Pennants set consisted of nearly 100 miniature felt pennants. The pennants included black and white pictures of baseball players along with their name and team on the fronts (backs were blank).

Beyond that set, Ferguson Bakery produced a rare set of premium pennants that were given away as prizes. These pennants are much more scarce than the regular BF2 Ferguson Bakery issues.

The pennants were said to be received for redeeming 50 bread coupons. This is a picture of one of those coupons.

The pennants had a slightly different but mostly similar design (pennants pictured here are the smaller BF2 pennants). The larger pennants had a more decorative design around the images as well as a pair of printed tassels on the front.

Despite the mostly similar design, these pennants are easy to tell from the regular BF2 version. The BF2 pennants measured only a few inches long while these measure nearly two feet long. Even common ones have sold in excess of $1,000.

1916 Ferguson Bakery Premium Prize Pennants Checklist

Because only a few examples exist, a full checklist is not yet known. Unless advertising elsewhere states that only a certain amount were made, in theory, the checklist could mirror that of the BF2 checklist.

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