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Are 1887 Buchner Gold Coin Cards Really Generic? Nope.

The 1887 Buchner Gold Coin set is a unique issue. The set includes 143 baseball cards and has been famous for being a set that includes generic images of players. That assumption, however, isn’t really correct. Introduction to the 1887 Buchner Gold Coin Set If you’re unfamiliar with it, the 1887 Buchner Gold Coin set features some of baseball’s earliest

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Putting together an E91 American Caramel set? Good freaking luck with that.

E91 American Caramel Set Overview Collectors are frequently drawn to the 1909-11 E90-1 American Caramel baseball set. The colors pop off the card and, even if some of the artwork is sketchy (looking at you, lipstick-covered Joe Jackson rookie card), it’s a really popular set. The E91 American Caramel set? Not so much. For starters, it’s generally considered a ‘generic’

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