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Not all E91 American Caramel Cards are Created Equal

Rarity for the three E91 American Caramel sets hints to lessened early production

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Putting together an E91 American Caramel set? Good freaking luck with that.

E91 American Caramel Set Overview Collectors are frequently drawn to the 1909-11 E90-1 American Caramel baseball set. The colors pop off the card and, even if some of the artwork is sketchy (looking at you, lipstick-covered Joe Jackson rookie card), it’s a really popular set. The E91 American Caramel set? Not so much. For starters, it’s generally considered a ‘generic’

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1908-10 E91-A, E91-B, E91-C American Caramel Sets

‘It’s In The Details’ Title E91-A, E91-B, and E91-C American Caramel Year 1908-10 Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ Images Color Type Candy/Caramel Number in Set 99 E91 American Caramel Overview Similar to the E90-designated sets, Jefferson Burdick identified three separate E91 American Caramel issues. They are known to collectors as E91A, E91B, and E91C. The sets spanned a total

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