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Here are some of the easiest pre-war sets to complete

A while back, I wrote about the 1936 Goudey set, which is one of the easiest ways to break into pre-war cards if you’re a set collector. If you’re new to pre-war baseball cards and looking to break in without needing thousands of dollars to get started, here are some of the easier sets. 1936 Goudey The 1936 Goudey set

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Could 1938 Whitman Big League Baseball Game Card Baserunner be Lou Gehrig?

1938 Whitman Big League Baseball Game Background In 1938, the Whitman Card Game was produced by the Whitman Publishing Company. The game was the creation of two gentlemen, Ralph Williams and Frank Effinger from Racine, Wisconsin-based Whitman Publishing. The game was like many others of the time period. Players used cards to compete in a simulated baseball game. The cards

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