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Do Ya-Lo Football Game Cards Depict Red Grange?

Ya-Lo Corporation/Game Background In 1925, the Ya-Lo Corporation developed a unique football board/card game. The game, as advertised, featured thousands of different play combinations. Its big selling point was that consumers could play it over and over with limitless outcomes, just like a real football game. The first Ya-Lo game was produced in 1925 – Grange’s rookie year in the

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1925 and 1934 Ya-Lo Football Sets

‘It’s In The Details’ Title Ya-Lo Football Game Cards Year 1925 and 1934 Size 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ Images Color Type Game Cards Number in Set 200 1925 and 1934 Ya-Lo Football Cards Overview The 1925 and 1934 Ya-Lo Football cards were part of a gaming set. Only two different card designs exist – one is for offensive cards

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