1907 Rose Company Vinegar Valentine Poem Postcards Set

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Rose Company Vinegar Valentine Poem Postcards
Year 1907
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Color
Type Postcards
Number in Set
21 (?)

1907 Rose Company Vinegar Valentine Poem Postcards Overview

1907 The Rose Company Postcard Football PlayerThese postcards featured girls with humorous poems. They included both sports and non-sports subjects and at least two football cards are in the set. One football postcard featured a fan and a second depicted a player. An athlete card is also in the set but it only features a man weightlifting.

These postcards are considered to be Vinegar Valentine issues. That genre includes various cards with comical or insulting depictions on them.

The football fan card features a Harvard college girl with a pennant with a football game playing out in the background. Her poem reads:

“No matter what the game or team,
You’re always ready to cheer and scream;
You’d be better off if you’d forget the college
And try to get some useful knowledge.”

A second features a football player (shown here) with a different poem:

“Because you let your hair grow tall
You think that you can play foot ball,
But it takes more than hair and a foot-ball suit,
To make you a player or substitute

The postcards have a decorative frame around the picture and a standard divided backing. The backs also identifies The Rose Company as the producer by their intertwined ‘TRC’ logo. Some also have The Rose Company name printed in small font along with a 1907 copyright date on the fronts.

Some pre-war baseball fans will recognize the producer of this series, The Rose Company. They also produced the 1908-09 Rose Company baseball postcards, one of the more famous baseball issues.

Collectors should also take note that a similar series was also created in 1905 by the Illustrated Post Card Company of New York. Those feature cartoon pictures and poems as well but are numbered and do not have the decorative borders.

1907 Rose Company Vinegar Valentine Poem Postcards Checklist

The postcards I have seen in the set are listed below. Others may exist.

  1. The Athlete
  2. Bald Head
  3. A Bum Bowler
  4. Chauffeur
  5. A Drinker
  6. Fat Man
  7. A Fisherman
  8. Football Fan (Harvard)
  9. Football Player
  10. Lazy Man
  11. Miss Nosey
  12. Old Rooster
  13. Plain Hog
  14. The Poet
  15. The Quack
  16. The Singer
  17. The Skater
  18. Society Cook
  19. Typewriter
  20. Wall Paperhanger
  21. Woman’s Rights

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