1937 Donut Corporation of America Thrilling Moments Set (D146)

It’s in the Details

Title D146 Donut / Doughnut Corporation of America Thrilling Moments
Year 1937
Size 1 15/16″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set

1937 Donut / Doughnut Corporation of America Thrilling Moments Overview

grangedonut1937 Donut Thrilling Moments.jpgThis unique set was produced in 1937 by the Donut (or Doughnut) Corporation of America.

Cards were printed directly on the company’s doughnut boxes and feature both sports and non-sports personalities. The full, formal name of the set is “Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans” and the issue included a total of 72 cards.

Because they are hand cut from the boxes, you will find these cards in a variety of sizes. Standard-sized cards, however, are typically just under 2″ x 3″ if cut properly. But it is not uncommon to find these cards with the titles/descriptions cut off from the bottom, leaving only a picture. Because of that, premiums exist for well-cut cards that retain most of the intended size.

Images are presented in black ink various colored backgrounds. A title is displayed at the bottom and the backs are completely blank. Cards were printed in panels of 18 so four of them would make up an entire set.

Many famous Americans are featured in the set, but the sports cards are the keys. About 20 cards in total represent sports, if you include aviation. For sports collectors, the issue is anchored by baseball star Babe Ruth and football legends Red Grange and Knute Rockne. Boxing champions Jack Dempsey and John Sullivan are included here, too.

That two football players and only one baseball player was included is interesting. With pro football still a developing game at the time, baseball is generally the more prominent of the two sports displayed in pre-war multi-sport issues. Bobby Jones (golf) and Bill Tilden (tennis) are also key cards found in the set. Other popular athletes include famous aviators Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers.

In terms of non-sports personalities, former presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt are in the set as well, as are other historical subjects, such as Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Edison.

In addition to the cards, an also album exists. That allowed collectors to glue their cards into a book for safe keeping so these cards can be found with glue residue on the backs if they were removed from the book (a common occurrence). The album measures approximately 10″ wide by 15″ tall. In addition for the spaces for the cards, the album included a larger biography for each subject.

Unfortunately, the names of the subjects are not included on the front or back. Instead, they are only identified through the album.

1937 Donut / Doughnut Corporation of America Thrilling Moments Checklist

  1. Carl Akeley
  2. Fougere Audubon
  3. Bob Bartlett
  4. William Beebe
  5. Alexander Graham Bell
  6. Daniel Boone
  7. Frank Buck
  8. Buffalo Bill
  9. Richard Byrd
  10. Andrew Carnegie
  11. Chief Black Hawk
  12. Glenna Collett (Golf)
  13. Davy Crockett
  14. Glenn Cunningham (Track and Field)
  15. George Custer
  16. Jack Dempsey (Boxing)
  17. George Dewey
  18. Jimmy Doolittle (Aviation)
  19. Amelia Earhart (Aviation)
  20. Gertrude Ederle (Swimming)
  21. Thomas Edison
  22. Edward Ellsberg
  23. Cyrus Field
  24. Ben Franklin
  25. John Fremont
  26. Robert Fulton
  27. George Goethals
  28. Red Grange (Football)
  29. Nathan Hale
  30. Alexander Hamilton
  31. Victor Heiser
  32. Patrick Henry
  33. Richard Hobson
  34. Sam Houston
  35. Stonewall Jackson
  36. Thomas Jefferson
  37. Bobby Jones (Golf)
  38. John Paul Jones
  39. Francis Scott Key
  40. Abraham Lincoln
  41. Charles Lindbergh (Aviation)
  42. Frank Luke (Aviation)
  43. Dolly Madison
  44. James Marshall
  45. Samuel Morse
  46. Carrie Nation
  47. Barney Oldfield (Auto Racing)
  48. Robert Peary
  49. Matthew Perry
  50. John Pershing
  51. Molly Pitcher
  52. Wiley Post (Aviation)
  53. Paul Revere
  54. Eddie Rickenbacker (Aviation)
  55. Knute Rockne (Football)
  56. Will Rogers
  57. Teddy Roosevelt
  58. Betsy Ross
  59. Babe Ruth (Baseball)
  60. Earl Sande (Horse Racing)
  61. David Sarnoff
  62. Sitting Bull
  63. Miles Standish
  64. Leland Stanford
  65. Charles Steinmetz
  66. John L. Sullivan (Boxing)
  67. Bill Tilden (Tennis)
  68. George Washington
  69. Anthony Wayne
  70. Major Whittlesey
  71. Wright Brothers (Aviation)
  72. Alvin York

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