Statue of Liberty Card a Highlight in the 1911 T77 Lighthouses Series

The Statue of Liberty is the key in the American Tobacco Company’s Lighthouses series

The 1911 T77 Lighthouses set features 50 different cards of lighthouses around the United States. Issued by the American Tobacco Company, these cards were similar to the firm’s other larger tobacco issues.

The cards measure roughly 2 1/2″ wide by 3 1/4″ tall, though the exact measurements can vary slightly. Unlike some other ATC series’ these cards were distributed for only one of their product brands — Hassan’s Cork Tip Cigarettes.

Fronts of the cards picture color depictions of famous lighthouses. Backs of the cards included  While the structures are certainly notable, today, most collectors are not familiar with them. The lone exception to that is a card for the famous Statue of Liberty.

Pictured here, the Statue of Liberty card is the most popular one in the set. The card has a great depiction of the famous landmark with the back including a writeup on the structure.

Early cards of the Statue of Liberty, somewhat surprisingly, are not terribly uncommon. However, the majority of the earliest cards of the structure are trade cards — many of which referenced it as it was being built or even during the planning stages. This card, however, is quite collectible because, even as a ‘later’ card, it is found in a mainstream tobacco release.

None of the cards in the set appear any rarer than the other. With no true rarities in the set, the Statue of Liberty is generally the most valuable one due to its familiarity among collectors. Still, the cards are relatively inexpensive. Lower-grade copies in decent condition typically start around $15.

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