Non-Sports are Coming to

The Pre-War Cards website will soon include set reviews for popular non-sport releases

When I last expanded the site, I created pages for set reviews in a multitude of different sports. That update, truthfully, is not complete. I still need to figure out what to do with soccer and cricket cards which are far too numerous for my tastes. But until I get there, there’s one other thing I’ve sort of been itching to add.

Set overviews for non-sports cards.

So, here’s the thing. If you think the soccer and cricket sets are numerous, you haven’t seen anything when it comes to non-sports cards. Simply put, there are more non-sports cards than sports cards out there. There are cards of actors and actresses, politicians, military figures, entertainers, and many more. And then there are cards for an entire slew of subjects not related to people, including landmarks, buildings, flowers, animals, food … well, you get the point. There are far too many non-sports cards out there to try to assemble an exhaustive list.

That said, that doesn’t mean ignoring those issues entirely is the way to go, either. There are a lot of very popular sets that folks have asked me to cover for some time.

In particular, there are the very popular American Tobacco Cards that were issued around 1910, the 19th century tobacco cards, and the 1930s gum card sets that I’m thinking most of. I may ultimately include some of the popular international releases but the focus is really going to be on popular American issues. There are plenty of those to go around and limiting the scope, for now, to domestic sets might be the way to do this without me going insane.

A few of these sets I’ve covered here in one-off articles. And each time I did that, I was always met with responses of folks asking for more of those. As I’ve immersed myself into the non-sports set, this became an easy decision. I not only know more about these cards than I did a few years ago, but I’m actively collecting many of the sets and have followed them closely.

A big reason for this expansion is the increased interesting surrounding non-sports issues. Cards of presidents and celebrities, specifically, are becoming more and more sought after. Sure, the prices for those sorts of cards are climbing (in some cases, dramatically) but the biggest reason for the expansion is really about the interest. Folks want to learn more about these sets and my endeavor is to provide more knowledge about them.

So what’s the timeline for this new expansion? Well, I hate to try to pinpoint it at the moment. The last few times I’ve tried to do that I’ve been delayed and had to push the expansions out. I’ve got an idea of which sets will be included but still need to sift through some of the details before I even begin writing about the specific sets.

But it’s coming — I promise you that. Ideally, I’d love to have those pages up in the next few months.

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