Skip the Blaster: 1933 Goudey Joe Moore

Blaster boxes are those delectable boxes of modern cards that collectors like to target at retailers. Usually $10, $20, or $30, collectors love these sorts of fixed-price buys when in the mood for a cheap rip. I’ve got nothing against modern cards but, well, there are better ways to spend your money if you’re into vintage stuff. What I want to do is point out some great pre-war buys in these articles that can be purchased for the price of a blaster box.

How about a 1930s rookie card from a popular set of a star player?

Last month, I picked a 1940s baseball gum card for this column. This month, we’ll go a decade earlier.

This month’s card is the 1933 Goudey card of Joe Moore (aka Jo Jo Moore). Technically, it’s a twofer as Moore is one of several players in the set with a pair of cards.

There are a few reasons I like Moore’s cards in this set. For one thing, he was a great player.

Truth be told, Moore is often not heralded as a star. Many collectors are unfamiliar with his career but let’s just say that it was a good one. Moore played his entire 12-year career with the New York Giants but technically, it was shorter than it sounds. In 1930, he suited up in only three games recording five at bats and in 1931, he appeared in only four games. Even 1932 was a part-time venture of sorts as he appeared in 86 games. But once Moore got going, he proved himself to be a star.

Moore would go on to make six All-Star teams in his nine full years in the New York Giants’ outfield. Along the way, he became practically a .300 hitter with a .298 career average. 1934 was his best season when he finished third in the Most Valuable Player award voting, batting .331. The next two seasons, he topped 200 hits and quickly became known around the league.

The cards are also great because they are considered to be his rookie issues. If Moore appears in any rare, obscure set before then, I’m not aware of it. But PSA lists no earlier cards for him and his 1933 Goudey is often touted as his rookie.

Finally, Moore helped the Giants to a World Series in 1933 — the same year that this set was issued. That’s just a nice added bonus to an already great pair of cards. And the fact that they come from one of the most popular sets of all time certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Despite all of that, Moore’s cards are typically sold at the common level or just above that. You can get very low-grade ones starting around $10 and even decent lower end ones for $20 or $30. At that price, these are two terrific options.

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