eBay Modifies the Popular eBay Bucks Program

eBay is slashing its 1% reward earned on all purchases

If you’re one of the many collectors that has benefited from the eBay Bucks program, get ready to earn fewer of them.

In an emailed announcement on Monday, eBay announced some changes to the program. Most specifically, the 1% reward earned on all purchases is vanishing starting on April 1, 2021.

Now, you will still be able to earn eBay Bucks on occasion. The company announced that they will continue to offer bonus Bucks offers. But those offers are not on any set schedule and just sort of appear, seemingly, out of nowhere. And if you’re like me, you see them immediately after spending a boatload of money.

To be fair, I have benefited from the eBay Bucks program. There have been some months where I’ve spent a lot. Other months, I would save items in my cart that I was willing to buy and then cash in when a special offer came around. There have been months where I’ve earned up to $100 or so.

But for many collectors, no real impact will be felt. If you are not used to cashing in on the random offers (usually 5%) and have only been earning 1%, even spending $1,000 in a month would only net you $10. We’re simply not talking a lot of money in most cases unless you focus on buying when the special offers roll around. Still, no one likes losing out on free money.

While that’s bad news, one positive that the company did was that the eBay Bucks will now be good for 12 months. Previously, they would expire within several weeks.

Bottom line is earning power under the program is being diminished.

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