Skip the Blaster: 1939-46 Hank Greenberg Salutations Exhibit

Blaster boxes are those delectable boxes of modern cards that collectors like to target at retailers. Usually $10, $20, or $30, collectors love these sorts of fixed-price buys when in the mood for a cheap rip. I’ve got nothing against modern cards but, well, there are better ways to spend your money if you’re into vintage stuff. What I want to do is point out some great pre-war buys in these articles that can be purchased for the price of a blaster box.

1939-46 Hank Greenberg Salutations Exhibit

As prices for Hall of Famers have risen, finding bargains on those players is getting more difficult. But a great place to look is the 1939-46 Salutations Exhibit set. Big names are plenty there and prices are generally low for the variations that aren’t shortprints.

One of the better buys in the set is Hank Greenberg. Card of the Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer have, like others, been on the rise. Decent copies of his gum cards not in low-grade condition are often $100 or more. This card, though, can be found in nice, mid-grade raw condition starting around $25-$30.

Greenberg’s card is a nice one, featuring him mid-swing. Like others in the set, it includes his name written in a cursive font as well as a salutation. It has a sepia or black and white image on the front and backs of the postcard-sized cards are blank.

It’s worth pointing out that Greenberg actually has two variations in this set. His more common card includes a ‘Truly Yours’ greeting. That’s the one we’re focusing on here. His other card says ‘Very Truly Yours’ and is rarer and more expensive. That one also is distinguished by a front-facing pose of Greenberg and usually tops $100, even in lesser condition.

The more common variation is relatively easy to find. Finding it at the right price point could be a bit challenging when it comes to dealing with sellers asking for a fixed price. But in open auctions, they typically end up around $25-$30 for cards at the lower end of the mid-grade spectrum. Low-grade ones, of course, are even less.

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