Honus Wagner T206 Baseball Card Sells for a New Record

The Honus Wagner T206 baseball card is the most important card in the hobby. And it continues to show its clout, recently selling for a new record.

In a private sale, a modestly-graded PSA 3 recently sold for $3.25 million, breaking the record of the famous ‘Jumbo’ Wagner sold a few years ago for $3.1 million. The Jumbo Wagner was previously the largest sale of a baseball card until the Mike Trout SuperFractor topped it, selling for $3.9 million this year.

The sale was orchestrated by the Mile High Card Company, which announced the sale in a press release.

The interesting thing is that while the card was graded a PSA 3, it is a relatively low-quality 3 by today’s standards. The card has several creases and, while attractive, looks closer to a 1.5 to these eyes. Grading, though, is in the eye of the beholder and any Wagner commands significant interest. But I do note the condition of it simply because I believe a ‘stronger’ 3 could have seen the card surpass the record set by the Trout card. The holder for the card appears to be an older PSA one when grading standards may have been less strict.

While not technically the most expensive baseball sale, thanks to the Trout card, the Wagner sale is the largest for the iconic card and, of course, the largest sale for a vintage baseball card.

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