1935 D.C. Thomson The Wizard Famous Fights Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title D.C. Thomson The Wizard Famous Fights
Year 1935
Size Varies by Cut
Images Color
Type Gum and Candy
Number in Set

1935 D.C. Thomson The Wizard Famous Fights Overview

This unique set included a total of 22 cards. The cards were distributed by D.C. Thomson, publisher of a weekly British Publication called The Wizard. The Wizard began publication in September of 1922 and ran through 1978 — the latter years as a comic book.

These cards were part of a series called ‘Famous Fights.’ True to the name, they depicted iconic battles that occurred all throughout history. D.C. Thomson created a blue construction paper type of album for the cards. The album included places for each card as well as short writeups on the pictures. Fronts of the cards included color images and a small number while the backs were blank. With no other text on the cards, collectors are generally reliant upon the collector books for descriptions of the images.

While most of the cards in the set are non-sports cards, three boxing cards exist. The boxing cards depict famous matches between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney, John Sullivan and Charley Mitchell, and John Heenan and Tom Sayers. Each were iconic battles and there were good reasons for them to be chosen.

The cards are quite difficult to find in the U.S. Printed overseas, some have made their way to the states. However, these are still difficult cards to find domestically. Because of that, the prices fluctuate greatly. The boxing cards can be bought sometimes for as little as $10-$15 but the Dempsey-Tunney card can easily command $40-$50 in modest condition.

1935 D.C. Thomson The Wizard Famous Fights Checklist

  1. The Battle of the Zulu Brothers
  2. Richthofen’s Last Flight
  3. Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney (Boxing)
  4. Buffalo Bill Meets Yellow Hand
  5. A Duke Against a Lord
  6. Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
  7. The End of Blackbeard
  8. Bayard vs. Don Alonzo
  9. Old Hickory Gets His Man
  10. How Warneford Won the V.C.
  11. Ewan Cameron’s Greatest Fight
  12. Roland at Roncesvalles
  13. The Duel That Lasted 19 Years
  14. Mitchell vs. Sullivan (Boxing)
  15. The Ploughshare Warrior
  16. Lord Roberts at Delhi
  17. The Lion-Heart at Jaffa
  18. How One Man Captured a Fort
  19. The Bravest Man at Waterloo
  20. The Cid’s Greatest Fight
  21. Heenan vs. Sayers (Boxing)
  22. An International Tournament at Berwick