Showtime? 2020 National Sports Collectors Convention Still On — For Now

As of now, the National has no plans to cancel or reschedule this year’s annual event despite the spread of the Coronavirus

So far this year, many baseball card shows have been canceled or rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But as of now, the biggest one of them all is still planning to move ahead on schedule.

The 2020 National is scheduled for July 29 through August 2 in Atlantic City, NJ this year. And a statement from the organizers’ Twitter account indicates that while the situation is being monitored, there are no current plans to change things.

Babe Ruth 1935 Schutter JohnsonThat statement might sound confusing to some but with the show still four months away, there’s obviously hope that things may ease up by then. That may sound unrealistic but there’s still plenty of time to cancel or reschedule the event. Additionally, as stated, some alternative plans are being put into place if holding the event at that location/time can’t happen.

As of now, there appear to be all kinds of obstacles holding an event of this size. Card shows are things where social distancing just isn’t that realistic given the necessary interaction of dealers/sellers, collectors to collectors, and even just friends gathering that use the event as an annual meeting spot. And with thousands of people confined to an admittedly large space, it seems like a hotspot for potential spreading of the virus.

Seeing a change or a cancellation wouldn’t surprise me much given the fact that the nation is at a virtual standstill right now. But we’ll see where this goes and how it ends up.

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