Popular Strongsville Card Show Canceled Due to Coronavirus / COVID-19 Virus

The popular vintage card show has been canceled due to the virus

The spread of the coronavirus / Covid-19 Virus has been wreaking havoc on the daily lives of, well, just about everyone. That includes the lives of sports card collectors and with large public gatherings banned and discouraged across the country, that means that many card shows have been canceled.

The latest card show casualty is the annual Strongsville Sports Collectors Convention, as announced by the Twitter account for the event:

I haven’t hit on a lot of the other shows out there seeing cancellations. And, truthfully, that the popular Strongsville, OH show is being canceled isn’t too much of a surprise since virtually everything is being canceled right now. But it was worth mentioning here just because it attracts so many collectors of vintage and pre-war cards. Aside from the National, it’s definitely one of the more popular gatherings for those seeking older cards.

There was some hope that the show could go on. After all, it was still a month away, having been scheduled for April 17-19. But with an emphasis on staying indoors and no end to the spread of the virus seemingly in sight, the decision was made to cancel it.

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