Second E104 Nadja Fred Tenney Card Discovered, Auctioned by Heritage

Another copy of the rare caramel card has surfaced and was recently sold

I’ll admit to this one flying under my radar but a collector emailed me recently, letting me know that a second copy of a rare caramel card recently surfaced.

The card in question is a 1910 E104 Nadja card of Fred Tenney. The card had previously been unchecklisted until last year when a collector brought one to my attention. I wrote about the card here and that likely sent some people looking for more of them.

At least one turned up and was graded by SGC. This appears to be a newly-graded example because none currently show up on the SGC population report and it is graded in their new slab.

The card is a low-grade one to be sure, receiving only a grade of SGC 1. However, due to its rarity, it certainly drew interest and sold in Heritage’s recent auction for just under $400.

How’s that by comparison? Other Nadjas in similar condition would probably be hard pressed to sell for half that amount so the card did not necessarily perform poorly. I do think it was a bit under the radar, though, and that probably did not help. Heritage’s description did indicate that it was the only SGC example. However, as I wrote in that article last year, it was not even checklisted until then and I would have expected more of a bidding war for it.

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