Tyson Fury Rocks Tobacco Card Suit at Press Conference

Have you ever seen a full suit made of tobacco cards? Now you have.

Undefeated heavyweight boxers Tyson Fury and Tom Schwarz are set to battle this weekend. Why am I talking about a present day boxing match on a site dealing with old sports cards? Well, because Fury has chosen some interesting attire at a recent press conference.

In case you’re having a difficult time trying to make out the pictures on that suit, they happen to be small boxing tobacco cards.

This site has some better closeups of the actual cards. I would have a hard time believing anyone at the press conference would know what they are but those closeups show an assortment of cards, including many from the T218 Champions set and the T220 Champions and Prize Fighters set.

I haven’t seen anything indicating Fury is actually a card collector yet but even if he’s not, this is pretty … unique?

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