Per Darren Rovell, PWCC Reportedly Buying Back Cards Believed to be Altered

A report broke Monday night that PWCC is seeking to buy altered cards

Some pretty significant news dropped on Monday night as a report hit that PWCC was looking to buy back cards that are believed to have been altered. This news comes courtesy of Darren Rovell on Twitter.

One interesting thing about that tweet is that Rovell only mentions trimmed cards. The alleged trimmed cards are certainly a chunk of cards that are believed to have been altered. But this tweet doesn’t mention any other altered cards, of which there are purportedly many with claims of cards being recolored, having stains removed, and even having creases removed.

Part of that could merely be Rovell focusing on the trimming part. But many other types of alterations are reported to have occurred, too.

Obviously, we’ll have to take a wait and see approach as to how this plays out. There’s also not a whole lot here yet or any kind of confirmation from PWCC on this. But, frankly, if the reports on Blowout are true, this is probably PWCC’s best course of action.

Whether or not this instills any sense of renewed confidence in collectors remains to be seen. But taking the altered cards out of circulation, while it would be costly, would at least be a start to repairing some of the damage caused by the Blowout forum revelations on cards reportedly being trimmed and altered.

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