PWCC Offers New Statement on Altered Card Scandal

The auction company issued a second statement on Monday night

In the wake of the altered cards scandal being broken by members of the Blowout Forums, PWCC issued a statement on Sunday night.

Monday night, they issued another one, per Darren Rovell on Twitter:

The statement includes similar comments made by PWCC in the past. However, it’s also a little different as Rovell points out. This one specifically tries to put some distance between PWCC and ‘a consigner,’ seemingly denying any involvement in the scheme other than unknowingly selling them.

PWCC does not specifically note the consigner here but the statement is almost certainly referring to Gary Moser. Moser has been constantly referenced on the Blowout Forum as the alleged card alterer (at least one of them) and he was named by PWCC in their first statement.

PWCC also again references that they are working with PSA and law enforcement. Another interesting note is that the statement says they are doing that to ensure, in part, that any customers involved in affected auctions ‘are notified and taken care of.’

Exactly what that means is not entirely clear. But it seems to be an effort to make good with buyers of altered cards.

Still, this kind of statement will only go so far with those who are none too pleased with how this has played out. If the Blowout allegations are true, we’ve got quite a few high-dollar cards that have been involved.

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