Highest-Graded Walter Johnson T206 Portrait Surfaces on eBay

A PSA 9 of the Hall of Famer is one of only six known examples

Walter Johnson Portrait T206Typically, high-dollar T206 cards are most often reserved for traditional auction houses. However, they do occasionally pop up on eBay as one recently has.

A PSA 9 of the portrait card of Hall of Famer Walter Johnson is currently listed on eBay. High-grade T206 examples do exist but they are, of course, pretty rare. A PSA 9 is the highest the card has ever been graded by the company and only six exist in that grade.

It is important to note that a sale is not guaranteed as a reserve has been placed on the card. But if one goes through, it would surely fetch a large amount of money. How much? All T206 cards have been on the rise but portraits of Hall of Famers, especially so.

We actually have a solid barometer for this card that was established fairly recently. A different PSA 9 of the WaJo portrait was sold in Heritage’s historic 2018 auction of the highest-graded PSA T206 set. That card ultimately sold for $114,000. The sale of another such card so close together may not reach the same heights. However, it could also sell for more. Whenever you have expensive high-grade cards such as these, the chance for volatility increases a great deal and uncertainty exists.

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