Hunt Auctions to Offer Items from Babe Ruth’s Personal Collection

The auction will be live and hosted in June 2019

33 Blue Bird Soda RuthHunt Auctions recently made a pretty important announcement surrounding the sale of several pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia. Ruth memorabilia is constantly available through auction houses, but this offering is a bit different as these items have come directly from Ruth’s personal collection.

The live auction will be hosted on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Yankee Stadium. According to Hunt’s website, Ruth’s collection includes hundreds of items. Highlights from the collection include:

  • 60th Home Run Autographed Display
  • Babe Ruth Model Cleats
  • 1934 Tour of Japan Champion Batsman Trophy
  • Lou Gehrig Autographed Photo
  • 1930-31 Yankees Contract
  • Autographed 60th Home Run Photo
  • Barnstorming Equipment Case
  • 1923 World Championship Presentational Spalding Trophy
  • 1923 Team Autographed Ledger Sheet

It will be interesting to see how many items are up for grabs and what kind of prices these pieces will fetch. Some items will almost certainly be first-of-its-kind types and it’s really hard to estimate what that type of stuff will bring.

It’s also impossible to ignore this newsworthy auction in light of what has been going on with the infamous T206 forgeries that were recently uncovered. In a world where memorabilia and autographs will be under an even larger microscope, items such as these that came directly from a player’s own collection/family could fetch a premium just because the provenance is so strong.

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