Pennsylvania Find of Pre-War Cards Hits the Auction Block

A recent discovery of pre-war cards is up for auction with Birmingham Auctioneers

Earlier this year, you might recall that a collection of all sorts of pre-war cards was found in a house recently purchased by a Pennsylvania resident. That owner has now put them up for auction.

Birmingham Auctioneers, managed by Scott Russell, was the auction house selected by the owner, Jerry.

“At first I was trying to just figure out what I had,” Jerry said recently. “Scott was the first person to reach out to me about the find. A few months went by and I received an email from Scott, just checking to see if I figured out what I wanted to do with the cards. At first IĀ felt that Birmingham Auctioneers being a smaller company had some pitfalls to reaching the right buyers. Then the upside was they were already known to many of those buyers through Net54.”

T206 Group - PA FindNet54, of course, is the online community where Jerry first went public with his discovery. His find included an assortment of sports and non-sports cards alike.

While most are in low-grade condition, the find was noteworthy because it included some relatively rare cards and also because of its considerable size. Rarities included a nearly complete T227 set with 19 of the 24 known cards, including baseball legend Ty Cobb and boxer Jack Johnson. Also in the lot were (80) T206 cards, (26) W516 strip cards, and (43) T219 boxing cards, along with a hodgepodge of other cards, including tobacco and caramel issues. In addition, more than 200 non-sports cards were in the find as well.

Jerry’s sports cards headline Birmingham Auctioneers’ current offering, which started in November and runs until December 9. Birmingham Auctioneers was founded in 1983 and the company runs both live and online auctions.

Birmingham’s auction also includes an assortment of other tobacco and caramel cards. Bidders can register and participate in the auction here.

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