SGC introduces new slabs at 2018 National

In addition to removing the 100-point scale, SGC’s graded cards will soon come with a new label

The National Sports Collectors Convention isn’t just for the buying and selling of trading cards. It’s a large event where new products are introduced.

This year, SGC took the opportunity to reveal its new cases/system for graded cards.

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, SGC has ditched its 100-point scale. Cards, for now, appear to still be getting the old labels and that 100-point system. But that is scheduled to end very soon.

Sports Collectors Daily is at the National and has a look at the new cases.

Not much with regard to the look of the cases seems to have changed much. The most attractive part of SGC’s cases is the black mat they use, which helps display cards extremely well. That has remained and the overall look of the case appears to be similar as well.

What has changed with regards to the aesthetics is the new label. It not only has that 10-point scale but also has the grade in extra large lettering.

Personally I’m fine with the look. As long as it wasn’t too off the wall, I’d have no issues with it. Some will say the number appears too large and I think you can make an argument for that. But at the end of the day, it’s the cards and services of the grading company that will dictate where customers will direct their business. The idea that collectors will or won’t use SGC because of their labeling is kind of silly.

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