Newest Ty Cobb-Backed Tobacco Card Headed to Auction

The hobby’s latest find will appear in REA’s fall auction

Back in April, I wrote about another Ty Cobb-backed tobacco card that was discovered. The cards, once extremely rare, were made slightly more common with the Lucky 7 find (and, subsequently, the find of an eighth card by the same family). Still, with only about two dozen known copies, it’s still a very rare card.

The card has made its way to REA and, per their tweet about it today, will appear in their fall auction.

About the Card

If you’re unfamiliar with the card, it is a rare issue that was created to help promote a special Ty Cobb brand of tobacco. The same picture and layout appear in the popular T206 card and some collectors even classify this as a T206 card. Instead of being found with one of the known T206 brands, though, this card has a Ty Cobb tobacco brand ad on the back.

This specific card, while not in great condition like the others that were recently discovered, is still going to be highly desirable. It was graded a PSA 1 and is still expected to be somewhere in the neighborhood of a six-figure card. For some perspective, a PSA 2.5 from that Lucky 7 Find sold for $228,000 a year ago. Simply put, the cards are so rare that, even in terrible condition, they are highly desirable. Mix in the fact that Cobb cards are selling like wildfire today as it is, and you have a card that should sell for a lot of money.

Like other auctions of heavyweight cards, I’m always excited to see where these end up because it helps establish the market value for stuff that doesn’t appear too often. It will also be an interesting barometer after the cards from the Lucky 7 find were sold. How will the market react to another one of these in the aftermath of that legendary discovery?

We’re about to find out.

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