Rare Ty Cobb T206 Broad Leaf 460 to be Auctioned by REA

Robert Edward Auctions will have a late edition to its spring auction and, well, it’s a big one. There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the recent Ty Cobb T206 cards with the Ty Cobb back advertisement and this is another similarly rare Cobb T206 pictured here from an REA announcement.

A Cobb T206 card isn’t too uncommon in itself but ones with certain back advertisements can be. Such is the case here with the recent discovery of a Cobb T206 with a Broad Leaf 460 back. That back is one of the tougher ones to acquire in the T206 set on any card (fewer than 100 are believed to have been graded by PSA and SGC) so finding one on a Cobb card makes the find that much more extraordinary.

Ty Cobb Broadleaf Back T206

Ty Cobb Broadleaf T206

How rare is this card? To date, only two have been found and this is the first one believed to ever be up for sale at auction.

The Cobb card in question is the red background version. I broke down the four Cobb variations recently and the red background is by far the most plentiful. However, that certainly matters little in this case. A Broad Leaf 460 discovery of even a common player is notable.

The finder is a collector of sorts but doesn’t really specialize in baseball cards. According to REA, he really focuses on antique telephones. The card was actually briefly listed on eBay as a raw, ungraded card before numerous offers and inquiries forced him to think twice about selling there. He eventually turned to REA for help and they had the card graded by SGC. The card was declared legit and earned a grade of SGC 10 (Poor).

The big concern with cards and rare backs is often with rebacking, the process of removing a rare back from a common card and affixing it to another card with a popular player on the front (i.e. Cobb). But SGC determined that was not a concern here and graded the card as an authentic issue.

The card will be available in REA’s spring auction from April 13 through May 6. It will have a starting price of $2,500 but could even approach six figures due to its rarity.

It will be interesting to see where this card goes. It has a large drawing base of collectors that could be interested – T206 collectors, Cobb collectors, Broad Leaf collectors, and collectors of rare pre-war cards. Obviously, with the kind of money we’re talking about, it’s limited to few bidders. But you really only need two to get any kind of major action on it and it’s going to sell for quite a bit.

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