1929 Kashin Publications Set (R316)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title R316 Kashin Publications
Year 1929
Size 3 1/4″ x 4 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1929 R316 Kashin Publications Overview

R316 Kashin Morton Ad BackkashinThe 1929 R316 Kashin Publications cards featured black and white player images with replica signatures on the front with mostly blank backs. With just over 100 cards in the set, this is a fairly large release. Printed on thin card stock, these are more photographs than baseball ‘cards’.

While nearly all of the R316s have blank backs, a small number have been discovered with advertisements. Some of the known advertisers, included:

  • Douglas Park Auditorium
  • Morton Theatre (pictured here)
  • Rialto Theatre

The set includes a number of stars and is headlined by New York Yankees Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Other big names include Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, Rogers Hornsby, Mel Ott, Hack Wilson, and countless others.

Two different types are known. The more common version includes only the player information/signature on the front but a second, rarer version includes the phrase, “Made in the USA.”

The set includes black and white photos and replica signatures. Also on the fronts are the players’ teams. The pictures are unnumbered and presented below in alphabetical order. Many of the pictures were shot by Charles Conlon and used as the artwork for Goudey cards. The pictures are also found in other sets, including the W553, W554, and 1929 Leader Novelty issues.

R316 Babe Ruth Kashin Made in USABabe Ruth and R316 Kashin Short Prints

Speaking of Ruth, four cards are difficult to find and can be considered short prints possibly because of The Babe.

It is said that the cards of Bump Hadley, Jesse Haines, Harry Seibold, and Phil Todt were removed from packages during production and replaced with Babe Ruth cards. The idea, reportedly, was to get one Ruth card in each pack of 25 of the Kashin photos. That is basically confirmed by packaging for the Kashin issues, which was printed later, mentioning Ruth’s name on all four of the available 25-photo boxes.

With Ruth in every later pack, his photo was essentially quadrupled. Still, that hasn’t hurt asking prices as the Ruth issues are still quite valuable, similar to the double printed Ruth cards found in the 1933 Goudey set.

Link to Brody Baseball Stars

Brody Novelty EnvelopeIn 2018 through a wrapper that was submitted by a collector, I discovered that some of the R316 Kashin photos could actually be something called Brody Baseball Stars.

You can read the full article here, but essentially, Kashin and Brody were two different companies that were somehow linked together. That is evident through two movie star sets produced by them (W618 Kashin and E243 Brody) and also in the packaging of the products for the two companies.

I believe that the two different types of Kashins (with and without the Made in USA text) could be the factor in separating the R316 Kashins from the Brody Baseball Stars.

However, more evidence is still needed to make that conclusion.

1929 R316 Kashin Publications Checklist

  1. Dale Alexander
  2. Ethan Allen
  3. Larry Benton
  4. Moe Berg
  5. Max Bishop
  6. Del Bissonette
  7. Lucerne Blue
  8. Jim Bottomley
  9. Guy Bush
  10. Harold Carlson
  11. Owen Carroll
  12. Chalmers Cissell
  13. Earle Combs
  14. Hughie Critz
  15. H.J. DeBerry
  16. Pete Donohue
  17. Taylor Douthit
  18. Charlie Dressen
  19. Jimmy Dykes
  20. Howard Ehmke
  21. Woody English
  22. Red Faber
  23. Fred Fitzsimmons
  24. Lew Fonseca
  25. Horace Ford
  26. Jimmie Foxx
  27. Frank Frisch
  28. Lou Gehrig
  29. Charlie Gehringer
  30. Goose Goslin
  31. George Grantham
  32. Burleigh Grimes
  33. Lefty Grove
  34. Bump Hadley
  35. Charlie Hafey
  36. Jesse Haines
  37. Harvey Hendrick
  38. Babe Herman
  39. Andy High
  40. Urban Hodapp
  41. Frank Hogan
  42. Rogers Hornsby
  43. Waite Hoyt
  44. Willis Hudlin
  45. Frank Hurst
  46. Charlie Jamieson
  47. Roy Johnson
  48. Percy Jones
  49. Sam Jones
  50. Joe Judge
  51. Willie Kamm
  52. Chuck Klein
  53. Mark Koenig
  54. Ralph Kress
  55. Fred Leach
  56. Fred Lindstrom
  57. Ad Liska
  58. Red Lucas
  59. Fred Maguire
  60. Perce Malone
  61. Heinie Manush
  62. Rabbit Maranville
  63. Douglas McWeeny
  64. Oscar Melillo
  65. Bing Miller
  66. Frank O’Doul
  67. Mel Ott
  68. Herb Pennock
  69. William Regan
  70. Harry Rice
  71. Sam Rice
  72. Lance Richbourgh
  73. Eddie Rommel
  74. Charles Root
  75. Ed Roush
  76. Harold Ruel
  77. Red Ruffing
  78. Jack Russell
  79. Babe Ruth
  80. Fred Schulte
  81. Harry Seibold
  82. Joe Sewell
  83. Luke Sewell
  84. Art Shires
  85. Al Simmons
  86. Bob Smith
  87. Riggs Stephenson
  88. Bill Terry
  89. Al Thomas
  90. Lafayette Thompson
  91. Phil Todt
  92. Pie Traynor
  93. Dazzy Vance
  94. Lloyd Waner
  95. Paul Waner
  96. Jimmy Welsh
  97. Earl Whitehill
  98. A.C. Whitney
  99. Claude Willoughby
  100. Hack Wilson
  101. Tom Zachary

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