1907-1909 PC765 Dietsche Postcard Set Highlights Tigers, Cubs

‘It’s In The Details’

Title PC765 Dietsche Postcards
Year 1907-09
Size 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set


001-2Produced from 1907-1909, the PC765 Dietsche Postcard set is one of the earliest postcard issues around.

The set actually includes four different subsets. Three include players from the Detroit Tigers while a fourth features the Chicago Cubs. The vertical postcards are all black and white, measuring about 3 1/2″ wide x 5 1/2″ tall.

1907 – 1909 Sets

1907 features the Cubs set as well as one of the Tigers sets. These cards are black and white on the front and have a 1907 copyright on the back. One of the distinguishing characteristics of these sets is that no player names are on the fronts to go along with the player image. Backs have a standard postcard backing and include a short player biography. The biographies were unique in that most cards from that era did not include such a biography.

The 1908 cards are Detroit Tigers postcards. Some of the cards have the player’s name on the front, but not all. The easiest way to tell these apart from the 1907 set is to view the copyright date on the back.

Finally, the 1909 postcards are perhaps the scarcest of all of the Tigers sets. Only a handful of known cards are in this set.

Ty Cobb Rookie Cards?

The key cards in the Dietsche Postcard series are unquestionably those of Hall of Famer Ty Cobb. Cobb’s 1907 Dietsche Postcards (he has both a batting and fielding version) are considered by some collectors to be his rookie issues. One argument against that is that the Dietsche Postcard set was only a regional issue and that such issues confined to such a small geographic area shouldn’t be considered true rookie cards. But wherever you stand on the issue, there’s no doubt that Cobb’s cards are the most desired in the series.

1907-1909 PC765 Dietsche Postcard Checklists

As mentioned above, there are four sets of checklists with these cards – three for the Tigers and one for the Cubs.

Judging by the PSA pop reports, which have the cards separated by year, the 1909 issue appears to be the scarcest.

Finally, it is worth nothing that several players in the 1909 set actually have 1908 copyright dates, according to Old Cardboard. In addition to the three they cite (Beckendorf, Jones, Moriarty), Oscar Stanage could also have a 1908 copyright date as PSA cites his as a 1908 issue in their pop reports.

Finally, here are pictures of many of the postcards.

1907 Cubs

  1. Mordecai Brown
  2. Frank Chance
  3. Johnny Evers
  4. Art Hoffman
  5. Johnny Kling
  6. Carl Lundgren
  7. Pat Moran
  8. Orval Overall
  9. John Pfiester
  10. Ed Reulbach
  11. Frank Schulte
  12. Jim Sheckard
  13. James Slagle
  14. Harry Steinfeldt
  15. Joe Tinker

1907 Tigers

  1. Ty Cobb (batting)
  2. Ty Cobb (fielding)
  3. William Coughlin
  4. Sam Crawford
  5. Bill Donovan
  6. Jerry Downs
  7. Hughie Jennings
  8. David Jones
  9. Ed Killian
  10. George Mullin
  11. Charley O’Leary
  12. Fred Payne
  13. Claude Rossman
  14. Germany Schaefer
  15. Boss Schmidt
  16. Ed Siever

1908 Tigers

  1. Owen Bush
  2. Ty Cobb
  3. William Coughlin
  4. Sam Crawford
  5. Bill Donovan
  6. Jerry Downs
  7. Hughie Jennings
  8. David Jones
  9. Ed Killian
  10. Matty McIntyre
  11. George Mullin
  12. Charley O’Leary
  13. Fred Payne
  14. Claude Rossman
  15. Germany Schaefer
  16. Boss Schmidt
  17. Edgar Summers
  18. Ira Thomas
  19. Edgar Willett
  20. George Winter

1909 Tigers

  1. Harry Beckendorf
  2. James Delahanty
  3. Detroit Tigers Team
  4. Tom Jones
  5. George Moriarty
  6. Oscar Stanage
  7. Ralph Works

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