L40 College Yell / Emblem Set Included Major Sports

‘It’s In The Details’

Title L40 College Yell Emblem Leathers
Year Unknown
Size  2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
Images Single-Color Ink
Type Leather
Number in Set

L40 College Yell Emblem Overview

L40 Chicago BaseballMany of the leathers produced by tobacco companies in the pre-war era didn’t focus on sports. Approximately half identified in the American Card Catalog were related to colleges, but most were not really sports-related. One exception to that was the L40 College Yell / Emblem Set.

This set included a variety of sports issues. Some depicted actual athletes while others included only mascots. There are several other college leather sets featuring logos, emblems, etc. The L40 set, however, depicted some actual athletes and that makes them generally more collectible by today’s standards.

Major sports identified in the set include:

  • Amherst Baseball
  • Bucknell Football
  • Chicago Baseball
  • Rutgers Football

Those leathers all show pictures of athletes. Some of the mascot cards include a picture of particular equipment as well. For example, the Harvard card shows a picture of a football and the Columbia issue features a basketball.

The leathers are in all sorts of colors and some have more than one variation. The Chicago card, for example, is found embossed in both silver and gold.

These shouldn’t be confused with other college leather issues. One way to distinguish between these and other collegiate issues is the rectangular frame around the images in the L40 series.

L40 College Yell Emblem Checklist

  1. Amherst (baseball)
  2. Army
  3. Brown
  4. Bucknell (football)
  5. Cal
  6. CCNY
  7. Chicago (baseball)
  8. Columbia
  9. Cornell
  10. Dartmouth
  11. Fordham
  12. Harvard
  13. Lehigh
  14. M.A.C.
  15. Michigan
  16. Navy
  17. New York University
  18. Penn
  19. Princeton
  20. Rochester
  21. Rutgers (football)
  22. St. Louis
  23. Syracuse
  24. Yale

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