1880s Bufford Cycling Trade Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Bufford Cycling Trade Cards
Year 1880s
Size 2 5/8″ x 4 7/16″
Images Black Ink
Type Trade Card
Number in Set
7 (?)

1880s Bufford Cycling Trade Cards Set Overview

This rare set from the 19th century pictures cyclists on penny-farthing bicycles.

As is the case with many trade cards, the majority of the pictures in this set are of a humorous nature. Several of the cards include the subjects falling off of the bicycles.

These cards were created by Bufford Lithographers, makers of numerous trade card sets. Many standard Bufford sets include a total of six cards but this set has at least seven. Thus far, I have seen seven different cards in the set. However, that may not be the full checklist for this series.

The cards are printed on thin card stock, similar to most trade cards. That makes them susceptible to damage. The fronts include a cartoon sketch of the subjects and include an intentional blank space at the bottom. Backs were often left blank, but some advertisers used that space to add their advertisement, even though the blank space on the front was really intended for that.

The cards are somewhat rare, though they do not command large amounts. You can expect to pay more for these than other non-sports trade cards, however, with ranges starting using around $8-$10 each.

Note that there are slight variations to this set. While some of the cards include the Bufford name, others do not.

1880s Bufford Cycling Trade Cards Set Checklist

A full checklist of this set has not yet been developed. However, I have seen seven cards to date and listed them here. It is possible that others exist.

  1. Couple Cycling
  2. Cyclist Falling with Angry Woman
  3. Cyclists with Cats
  4. Two Cyclists, Man Falling Left
  5. Three Cyclists, Man Falling Right
  6. Two Cyclists, Man Falling Right
  7. Woman Facing Left

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