1889 Guerin-Boutron Sports Trade Cards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Guerin-Boutron Sports Trade Cards
Year 1889
Size 2 1/2″ x 4″
Images Color
Type Trade
Number in Set

1889 Guerin-Boutron Sports Trade Cards Overview

Guerin-Boutron Sports Trade Cards TennisThese unique trade cards were produced in France by a chocolate company, Guerin-Boutron. As you would expect, the text on the cards is in French.

Unlike other trade issues which were sometimes used by many different companies, these cards appear to be exclusive to the Guerin-Boutron name. Guerin-Boutron is still in operation today.

The cards feature color pictures of children participating in all sorts of sports and games/activities. It is similar to another Guerin-Boutron trade cards set called Le Jeux D’Enfants, which translates to ‘The Children’s Game.’ In addition to the color images, these cards have a gold border around the edge as well as a title on the front. Those features are important because they help distinguish these from other Guerin-Boutron trade issues and the company had many of them. Like these cards, many of their other trade cards also pictured children.

The cards do not have a specific title printed on them. However, I have referred to them as the ‘Sports’ set as all of the cards picture sports or games.

I have never seen an exact date for these cards. However, some cards have an 1889 date on the back, even though it is not known if all were printed in that year.

1889 Guerin-Boutron Sports Trade Cards Checklist

Known cards in this set include the following. More cards may exist.

  1. Le Croquet (Croquet)
  2. Le Jeu de Barres
  3. Le Jeu de Quilles (Bowls)
  4. Le Jew de Toupies (Tops)
  5. Le Lawn-Tennis (Tennis)

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