1936 Varldens Basta Boxare Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Varldens Basta Boxare
Year 1936
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1936 Varldens Basta Boxare Overview

1936 Varldens Basta BoxareThis 32-card set pictures black and white images of boxers from around the world. The set is named Varldens Basta Boxare, which translates from Swedish to ‘World’s Best Boxers.’ The cards, as indicated on the fronts were produced by a company called Malmo Art Print.

Collectors will recognize many names of fighers in the set, including Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, James Jeffries, Joe Louis, and Max Schmeling, among others. Any star from the set is a noteworthy one but the card of Louis in particular is an impressive one as it is one of his earliest cards.

As best I can tell, Malmo Art Print was some sort of printing and publications company. Thus, I have classified these as M-Cards (publications issues). Malmo is actually the name of a city in Sweden but I am unsure if this could be a candy or tobacco issue. Swedish candy sets, for example, were quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

The cards are more like the German Sanella/Astra cards of the 1930s in that they are more like small thin photos than they are traditional cards. There is a very good reason for that as the cards were intended to be pasted into an album. The album for this set has the Varldens Basta Boxare name on the front in red ink along with a drawing of a globe and a boxing ring.

This is a rare set that is not commonly seen in the U.S.

1936 Varldens Basta Boxare Checklist

  1. John Andersson
  2. Max Baer
  3. James Braddock vs. Max Baker
  4. Al Brown
  5. Jackie Brown
  6. Tony Canzoneri
  7. Primo Carnera
  8. Georges Carpentier
  9. Jack Delaney
  10. Jack Dempsey
  11. Luis Firpo
  12. Tom Gibbons
  13. Steve Hamas
  14. Len Harvey
  15. Tom Heeney
  16. James Jeffries
  17. Jack Johnson vs. Dynamite Jackson
  18. Joe Louis
  19. Ted Moore
  20. Harry Persson
  21. Barney Ross
  22. Max Schmeling
  23. Max Schmeling (Weigh In)
  24. Phil Scott
  25. Jack Sharkey
  26. Young Stribling
  27. Marcel Thil
  28. Gene Tunney
  29. Paolino Uzcudun
  30. Otto Von Porat
  31. Jess Willard
  32. Harry Wills

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