1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye
Year 1935
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye Overview

1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye Boxing1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye Tennis1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye GolfThis issue was printed by Godfrey Phillips, Ltd. for use in their tobacco products. Cards featured famous people from a variety of backgrounds and a total of 54 were issued in the release.

Collectors should note that this is a different set from the 1930 Milhoff In the Public Eye set. Those cards featured sepia style pictures and had a different layout.

While many were non-sports personalities, a good number were also athletes from sports, including golf, tennis, and boxing, among others. The set is headlined by golfer Henry Cotton, tennis players Helen Wills-Moody and Fred Perry, and boxers Max Baer and Len Harvey. A non-sports cards that is popular depicts Winston Churchill. The card of cricketer Jack Hobbs is a popular one outside of the U.S.

The cards include color portraits with the athlete’s name on the front. The backs offer a biography of the person.

One interesting feature of this set is that, in addition to the athlete’s name, a trivia question is printed on the front as well. To get the answer, a collector had to find a different card where it was offered. That no doubt encouraged some to collect as many of these cards as possible.

1935 Godfrey Phillips In the Public Eye Checklist

  1. Lord Derby
  2. Jack Hylton
  3. Henry Cotton
  4. George Cook
  5. Lawson Little
  6. Jim Braddock
  7. Aga Khan
  8. R. E. S. Wyatt
  9. J. Ramsay MacDonald
  10. Joyce Wethered
  11. Lord Trenchard
  12. Fred Perry
  13. Jack Peterson
  14. J.H. Crawford
  15. Bunny Austin
  16. H. Verity
  17. Lord Lonsdale
  18. H. Sutcliffe
  19. Sir Seymour Hicks
  20. Dorothy Round
  21. Henry Hall
  22. Freddie Fox
  23. Jack Hobbs
  24. Jack Hulbert
  25. Max Baer
  26. Harry Hibbs
  27. D.R. Jardine
  28. H. Larwood
  29. William Voce
  30. George Robey
  31. Stanley Baldwin
  32. Helen Wills-Moody
  33. Charles Kingsford-Smith
  34. L. E. G. Ames
  35. Gordon Richards
  36. Gracie Fields
  37. Wanda Morgan
  38. L. Hore-Belisha
  39. George Lansbury
  40. W.R. Hammond
  41. Steve Donoghue
  42. Alex James
  43. Amy Johnson
  44. Cicely Courtneidge
  45. Anthony Eden
  46. Maurice Nichols
  47. George Allison
  48. Hugh Gallacher
  49. David Lloyd George
  50. Len Harvey
  51. Alf Perry
  52. Ronald Starling
  53. Winston Churchill
  54. J.H. Thomas

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