1910 American Caramel Prize Fighters Set and Checklist (E77)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title American Caramel Prize Fighters (E77)
Year 1910
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 3/4″
Images Color
Type Candy and Caramel Cards
Number in Set

1910 American Caramel Prize Fighters Set Overview

Tommy Burns E77 American Caramel Boxing.jpgThis set featured famous boxers and was printed by famous candy company, American Caramel. American Caramel is certainly more known for their numerous baseball cards, but the company also distributed several sets of boxing issues as well.

These cards, like most American Caramel sets, feature full color lithograph pictures. Because the set was small enough, the checklist is printed on the back. Backs also indicate the mode of distribution for this release as one of these cards was packaged with every prize fighter caramel product.

Often lost in this set is that the release includes a pair of wrestling cards in the legendary George Hackenschmidt and Frank Gotch.

Cards are printed with both vertical and horizontal layouts. And while most cards feature only one boxer, a few have a picture of two boxers facing each other. The two cards featuring Jack Johnson are the keys to the set, though the Hackenschmidt and Gotch cards are also quite valuable.

Collectors should note that the set is different from American Caramel’s E75 and E76 sets. Those more popular releases have a similar look to these but can be distinguished by the names on the front that appear in blue ink. These cards have the names in black ink on the front. The E75 and E76 sets are significantly more common than this release.

1910 American Caramel Prize Fighters Checklist

  1. Abe Attell
  2. Tommy Burns
  3. Johnny Coulson
  4. Jem Driscoll
  5. Young Erne
  6. Sandy Ferguson
  7. Porky Flynn
  8. Frank Gotch
  9. George Hackenschmidt
  10. Leo Honck
  11. Jack Johnson
  12. Jack Johnson and Al Kaufman
  13. Al Kaufman
  14. Benny Kaufman
  15. Stanley Ketchel
  16. Sam Langford
  17. Harry Lewis
  18. Packy McFarland
  19. Owen Moran
  20. Battling Nelson and Ad Wolgast #1
  21. Battling Nelson and Ad Wolgast #2
  22. Jack O’Brien
  23. Billy Papke
  24. Ad Wolgast

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