Evaristo Juncosa Sets and Checklists

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Evaristo Juncosa
Year 1920s and 1930s
Size Various
Images Various
Type Caramel and Gum Cards
Number in Set

Evaristo Juncosa Overview

Jack Dempsey Evaristo JuncosaThese extremely rare candy cards from the 1920s and 1930s are not seen too often in the U.S. A few sets are known with athletes and are cataloged below:

  • 1920s Evaristo Juncosa Notable Boxers (Notabilidades del Boxeo) Series A (8 cards)
  • 1920s Evaristo Juncosa Hijo Playing Cards (48 cards)
  • 1928 Evaristo Juncosa Notable Screen Stars (15 cards) – Jack Dempsey pictured here
  • 1931 Evaristo Juncosa Drawings (21 cards)

At least two of these sets, the notable screen/movie stars and the playing cards, are mostly non-sports issues with one known sports card (a boxer in each case).

Evaristo Juncosa was a candy company based out of Barcelona Spain. One of the messages on their 1931 cards is interesting as it implored consumers to avoid knockoffs of their candy. To help combat imitation candy, they added a special dragon seal on their chocolates and stated that the knockoffs would not have that icon.

Cards from all of the sets are pretty rare but are seen from time to time. The 1931 set in particular does not even seem to have a complete checklist. That one is called the Evaristo Juncosa Drawings set and the back says there is a collection of 21 of those cards in the issue. Boxers are among them but it is not clear what other subjects are included.

Various Brands?

While Evaristo Juncosa is the brand typically associated with these sets, it is possible they were used by other companies.

I have not yet seen other brands advertising on these cards to date. However, cards without the Evaristo Juncosa name/print on the back of some have been discovered. That could lead us to believe that some were stock issues for potential distribution by other entities.

Evaristo Juncosa Checklists

These checklists are not complete but I have listed the known cards I can account for.

1920s Evaristo Juncosa Notable Boxers (Notabilidades del Boxeo) Series A

  1. Paulino Uzcudun
  2. Antonio Ruiz
  3. Ricardo Alis
  4. Young Ciclone
  5. Jose Girones
  6. Jim Moran
  7. Al Baker
  8. Piet Hobin

1920s Evaristo Juncosa Hijo Playing Cards (Known Sports Cards Listed Below)

  • Jack Dempsey (found with both a Hijo back and a Chocolates Serrat Vinaroz back)
  • Gene Tunney

1928 Evaristo Juncosa

  1. TBD
  2. Jack Dempsey
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. TBD
  6. TBD
  7. Jack Dempsey
  8. TBD
  9. TBD
  10. TBD
  11. TBD
  12. TBD
  13. TBD
  14. TBD
  15. TBD

1931 Evaristo Juncosa Drawings

  1. Jack Johnson
  2. Jack Johnson
  3. Joe Jeannette
  4. Georges Carpentier
  5. Georges Carpentier
  6. Georges Carpentier
  7. Jack Dempsey
  8. Criqui
  9. Ledoux
  10. Charles Ledoux
  11. Guardia Ofensiva
  12. El Punching Bag
  13. La Guardia
  14. Directo del Izquierdo
  15. Swing
  16. Crochet
  17. Uppercut
  18. Cross
  19. Hook
  20. In Fighting
  21. Break Away

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