1946-47 Sunbeam Sacramento Solons Sets and Checklist (D315)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Sunbeam Sacramento Solons (D315)
Year 1946 and 1947
Size 2″ x 3″
Images Black and White
Type Bakery
Number in Set
21 in 1946 and 26 in 1947

1946-47 Sunbeam Sacramento Solons Sets Overview

Joe Marty 1946 Sunbeam Sacramento Solons D315-1In 1946 and 1947, Sunbeam distributed team sets for the minor league Sacramento Solons baseball team inside of their packages of bread.

The two sets are similar. The cards in both sets featured borderless black and white images of players. The player’s name, position, and team (1946 or 1947) was printed at the bottom along with the photo credit. Both sets are unnumbered and the team year on the fronts is the easiest way to tell these two teams apart.

Another difference, however, is found on the back. Backs of the 1946 cards included the player’s name and a short biography along with a small ad for Sunbeam at the bottom. Additionally, there are two variations of 1946 backs — some have the Sunbeam name printed in red and others have it in blue. Backs of the 1947 cards only included a larger Sunbeam ad with no player information.

Neither set is known for star players. Several of the players did reach the major leagues but the names are mostly minor ones.

Photos of the players were taken by Joe Benetti.

D315-2 1947 Sunbeam Mike SchemerKeys to the Sets

The values for most cards in the set are generally about the same. However, the 1946 card of Joe Marty is believed to have been shortprinted. That card generally starts around $100, even in lesser condition but sells for significantly more in mid-grade shape.

A 1947 card of Mike Schemer is also significantly more than others, also starting around $100 in lesser condition. As a Jewish player that also served in World War II, his cards are desirable.

Part of the reason for the interest in this card is that, with a brief major league career lasting only 32 games, he does not appear on many cards.

Both cards are pictured here on this page.

1946-47 Sunbeam Sacramento Solons Sets Checklist


  1. Bud Beasley
  2. Jack Calvey
  3. Gene Corbett
  4. Bill Conroy
  5. Guy Fletcher
  6. Tony Freitas
  7. Ted Greenhalgh
  8. Al Jarlett
  9. Jess Landrum
  10. Gene Lillard
  11. Garth Mann
  12. Lilo Marcucci
  13. Joe Marty
  14. Steve Mesner
  15. Herm Pillette
  16. Earl Sheely
  17. Al Smith
  18. Gerald Staley
  19. Averett Thompson
  20. Jo Jo White
  21. Bud Zipay


  1. Gene Babbit
  2. Bob Barthelson
  3. Bud Beasley
  4. Chuck Cronin
  5. Eddie Fernandez
  6. Ed Fitzgerald
  7. Guy Fletcher
  8. Tony Freitas
  9. Garth Mann
  10. Joe Marty
  11. Lou McCollum
  12. Steve Mesner
  13. Frank Nelson
  14. Tommy Nelson
  15. Joe Orengo
  16. Hugh Orphan
  17. Nick Pesut
  18. Bill Ramsey
  19. Johnny Rizzo
  20. Mike Schemer
  21. Al Smith
  22. Tommy Thompson
  23. Jim Warner
  24. Mel Wasley
  25. Leo Wells
  26. Eddie Zipay

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