1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Caramelo Deportivo
Year 1945-46
Size 1 7/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Overview

1945-46 Cuban Deportivo ConsuegraProduced in Cuba, this 100 card set is one of the first true post-war issues. The set was created for the 1945-46 Cuban winter baseball season, hence the reason it spans over those two years.

The cards are basic with black and white images on the front along with a card number. The images used are often a bit grainy/low quality and appear inside of a black border that is surrounded by white borders.

Backs repeat the card number and include some basic biographical information as well as a short advertisement for the issuer, Felices, as well as the name of the set, Caramelo Deportivo (Sports Candy). Backs also include an address and phone number for Felices.

While many of the players in the set will not be familiar to American collectors, several are. Among those included are the likes of Minnie Minoso as well as Hall of Famers Martin Dihigo, Ray Dandridge, and Willard Brown. Some other recognizable names are found here, too, including Armando Marsans, a major leaguer that also appears in the American T207 set.

Also of note is that card No. 73, Napoleon Reyes, was considered a chase card with few known copies. The card is so difficult to find that many collectors consider the set complete with 99 of the 100 cards with his not present.

Low-grade commons in the set typically start around $10.

1945 Caramelo Deportivo Marianao Team BannerNon-Athlete Cards

While the players in the set are obviously the keys, several non-athlete cards exist as well. First, is an introduction card followed by a picture of a baseball scene (Cards No. 1 and 2).

The introductory card has the 1945 and 1946 years along with Card No. 1, a simple baseball image (glove, bat, and ball) and the Caramelo Deportivo set (with a mention they were created and distributed for Felices along with their address and phone number.

Additionally, four team pennants are also included –Marianao, Havana, Cienfuegos, and Almendares.

Shown here is one of the team banner cards. These include the card number on the front as is found on the cards for players but the picture is a simple pennant image with the corresponding team’s first initial. Typically, these cards sell for above common prices.

1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Checklist

  1. Introduction Card
  2. Action Scene
  3. Maestri
  4. Rodriguez
  5. Magrinat
  6. Conde
  7. Marianao Banner
  8. Marsans
  9. Fernandez
  10. Colos
  11. Orta
  12. Serrel
  13. Duany
  14. Castanos
  15. Arteaga
  16. Valdivia
  17. Cabrera
  18. Salazar
  19. Moreno
  20. Ortiz
  21. Knerr
  22. Campos
  23. Adams
  24. Consuegra
  25. Dandridge
  26. McDaniels
  27. Minoso
  28. Parra
  29. Estalella
  30. Brown
  31. Havana Banner
  32. Gonzalez
  33. Rojo
  34. Blanco
  35. Formental
  36. Monteagudo
  37. Blanco
  38. Hernandez
  39. Linares
  40. Ordenana
  41. Jiminez
  42. Kaiser
  43. Garcia
  44. Hernandez
  45. Klein
  46. Hidalgo
  47. Sisler
  48. Rebel
  49. Navarro
  50. Medina
  51. McDuffie
  52. Martin
  53. Acosta
  54. Cienfuegos Banner
  55. Luque
  56. Ramos
  57. Perez
  58. Rodriguez
  59. Crespo
  60. Gladu
  61. Pages
  62. Garcia
  63. Colas
  64. Maglie
  65. Dihigo
  66. Tiant
  67. Roy
  68. Roger
  69. Zabala
  70. Gallart
  71. Zardon
  72. Berres
  73. Reyes
  74. Gomez
  75. Xiques
  76. Almendares Banner
  77. Coreiro
  78. Portuondo
  79. Rogue
  80. Arago
  81. Torres
  82. Ortiz
  83. Rodriguez
  84. Clark
  85. Guera
  86. Comellas
  87. Otero
  88. de la Cruz
  89. Diaz
  90. Aloma
  91. Davenport
  92. Mayor
  93. Bragana
  94. Canizares
  95. Ulrich
  96. Avila
  97. Amaro
  98. Floita
  99. Martinez
  100. Montero

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