1935 Ogden’s Story of Sand Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ogden Story of Sand
Year 1935
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1935 Ogden’s Story of Sand Overview

1935 Ogden Story of Sand Track and FieldOgden Story of Sand Golf CardThis unique set is just one of many tobacco issues from the U.K. The cards were made for distribution into Ogden’s Cigarettes packages. Ogden’s was a popular company that produced numerous tobacco sets.

The cards have a standard look similar to numerous other UK sets from the 1930s. They have a color image, white border and a description on the back. This particular set looks at various types of sand and its many uses.

As such, it is mostly a non-sports set. However, a few cards can be considered sports cards, including one that features golf.

The golf card discusses the use of sand on a golf course. In addition to that one, another card talks about sand being a shock absorber in track and field for the long jump. A final card discusses the use of sand on racing tracks. The three sports cards were saved for the end of the set as they are numbers 48-50.

Most of the cards in the set have a minimal value. However, the golf card in particular is desirable to collectors.

1935 Ogden’s Story of Sand Set Checklist

  1. The Sand-Covered Arena
  2. The Sand Diviner
  3. The Sand or Hour-Glass
  4. A Battle on the Sands
  5. The Sand-Bag Battery
  6. Sand for Drying Writing Ink
  7. A Sand Pit
  8. Raising Sand from the Sea Bed
  9. Electric Grab Crane Discharging Sand
  10. Diamonds in Sand
  11. Gold in Sand
  12. The Sand Blast
  13. Sand for Building
  14. Sand for Cutting Marble
  15. Sand as a Filter
  16. Sand for Extinguishing Fires
  17. Sand in the Foundry
  18. Sand in Glass (A)
  19. Sand in Glass (B)
  20. Sand for Grinding Marble Mosaic
  21. Sand for Lawns and Gardens
  22. Sand for the Locomotive
  23. Sand Under the Microscope
  24. Coloured Sands
  25. Sandstone
  26. Coral Sands
  27. Volcanic Sand
  28. These Yellow Sands
  29. Quicksands
  30. Dangerous Sands – The Goodwins
  31. Dangerous Sands – The Wash
  32. Ripple Marks
  33. Wind Patterns in Sand
  34. Desert Sand Dunes
  35. Sandstorms
  36. Salving the Sphinx
  37. A Natural Sand Blast
  38. Buried Beneath the Sands
  39. Natural Silica Glass
  40. A Monster of the Sands
  41. Footprints on the Sands of Time
  42. The Ship of the Desert
  43. Sand-Nesters
  44. Sand as an Incubator
  45. The Sand Trap
  46. Sand Dwellers
  47. Plants of the Sand Dunes
  48. Sand on the Golf Course
  49. Sand as a Shock Absorber
  50. Sand as a Speed Track

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