1920s Casanova Boxing Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Casanova Boxing
Year 1920s
Size Varies
Images Black and White
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1920s Casanova Boxing Overview

Jack Johnson 1926 Casanova Boxing.jpgThis rare set was an issue for Casanova Cigarettes, a German tobacco brand.

The cards featured black and white images of boxers. Unnamed, it is simply listed as the ‘Boxer’ series on the back. Backs also include a card number and a biography.

The Boxer series was only one of a few sports issues produced for Casanova Cigarettes. Other series’ included soccer, general athletics/track and field, swimming, and cycling.

Finally, two different sizes of these cards – one is smaller than the other.

Additionally, I have seen this set listed as both a 1923 series and a 1926 series.

How Many?

One issue with this set is trying to determine just how many cards are in it. While 23 is the number most cited when it comes to identifying a set, there are actually boxing cards beyond that number.

PSA, for example, lists additional cards beyond that number and so has SGC. I have seen others beyond No. 23 as well not presented on their list. As of now, the highest card PSA has graded is No. 39 so we know there are at least that many cards in the boxing series. These additional cards add a line at the bottom mentioning the Casanova cigarette factory was in Dresden.

A final point regarding card numbering. Backs of the cards have text in German with a reference to 100 cards. That has led some collectors to believe there are that many in the series. However, that is not true. The text on the back merely indicated that an album holding 100 cards could have been purchased. It doesn’t mention that there are 100 cards in a particular series.

1920s Casanova Boxing Checklist

While the 23 cards are often cited in this set, additional boxing cards are known beyond those with a slightly different format. A full list of those cards is not yet confirmed, though I have listed the ones that can be accounted for to date.

  1. Samson Korner
  2. Hans Breitenstrater
  3. Franz Diener
  4. Jack Dempsey
  5. Paolino Uzcudun
  6. Ludwig Haymann
  7. Richard Naujoks
  8. Hein Domgorgen
  9. Giuseppe Spalla
  10. Jack Dempsey
  11. Georges Cook
  12. Paolino Uzcudun
  13. Hein Domgorgen
  14. Siewert
  15. Franz Diener
  16. Harry Wills
  17. Carpentier/Dempsey
  18. Hans Breitenstrater
  19. Franz Diener
  20. Jack Johnson
  21. Harry Wills
  22. Richard Naujoks
  23. Georges Carpentier
  24. TBD
  25. TBD
  26. TBD
  27. TBD
  28. TBD
  29. Hermann Herse
  30. Young Spiers
  31. TBD
  32. TBD
  33. Schmidt
  34. TBD
  35. TBD
  36. TBD
  37. TBD
  38. Max Schmeling
  39. Gipsy Daniels

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