1924 Willard’s Chocolate Boxers Set and Checklist (V137)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Willard’s Chocolate Boxers (V137)
Year 1935
Size 1 5/16″ x 3 3/16″
Images Black and White
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1924 Willard’s Chocolate Boxers Overview

V137 Willard BoxingThese caramel cards were issued in Canada by Willard’s and, as such, are given a V-Card designation in the American Card Catalog (V137).

Cards feature black and white images of fighters with a simple design and only their name at the bottom. The unique thing about these cards, of course, is their size. Long and narrow, they are unlike most of the other issues printed in that time period. The design was, of course, a staple of sorts for Willard’s, who printed other cards in a similar manner, such as their V122 Champions set printed in the same year.

Some of the cards, in addition to a name, had short subtitles. For example, cards for some boxers, such as Jess Willard and Jim Corbett, indicated they were ex-champions. Others specifically referenced the fact they were the current champions.

Backs of the cards were entirely blank. Jack Dempsey and John Sullivan are among the keys to the set.

1924 Willard’s Chocolate Boxers Checklist

  1. Jack Britton
  2. Johnny Buff
  3. Alex Burlie
  4. Joe Burman
  5. Georges Carpentier
  6. Bud Christiano
  7. George Cook
  8. Jim Corbett
  9. Eugene Criqui
  10. Jack Dempsey
  11. Louis Donovan
  12. Johnny Dundee
  13. Luis Firpo
  14. Bob Fitzsimmons
  15. Eddie Fitzsimmons
  16. Frankie Genaro
  17. Tom Gibbons
  18. Benny Gould
  19. Al Holmes
  20. Fred Jacks
  21. Jim Jeffries
  22. Soldier Jones
  23. Stanley Ketchel
  24. Johnny Kilbane
  25. Benny Leonard
  26. Dan Lewis
  27. Young Mack
  28. Jock Malone
  29. Vincent Martin
  30. Jack McAuliffe
  31. Tommy Mitchell
  32. Pal Moore
  33. Frank Moran
  34. Paddy O’Brien
  35. Eddie Pinchot
  36. Johnny Rose
  37. Tom Sharkey
  38. Frank Slaney
  39. Harold Smith
  40. Homer Smith
  41. Jeff Smith
  42. Midget Smith
  43. Ad. Stone
  44. Young Stribling
  45. John Sullivan
  46. Clonie Tait
  47. Jim Tracey
  48. Carl Tremaine
  49. Pancho Villa
  50. ‘Bermondsey’ Billy Wells
  51. Billy Wells
  52. Charlie White
  53. Jimmy Wilde
  54. Jess Willard
  55. Curly Wilshur
  56. Johnny Wolgast

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