1910 Champion Pugilists Set and Checklist (T219)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title T219 Champion Pugilists (Honest, Miner’s Extra, Red Cross)
Year 1910
Size 2 1/4″ x 2 7/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1910 Champion Pugilists (T219) Overview

T219 James Jeffries BoxingIf these cards look familiar to you, you’ve more likely seen the T218 champions set.

These T219 cards are a shortened version of that larger issue, featuring only boxers from that set. Images used for the fighters are the same as cards from T218 but these cards are slightly smaller, measuring about 1/4″ less.

The cards look different than most of the early 1900s tobacco issues. Instead of a long, narrow design, these cards are nearly square in shape and look like the gum card issues of the 1930s. They are, however, slightly more rectangular than the more common T218s.

The cards have color lithographic pictures of athletes on the fronts along with their name printed in small capital letters. And, as shown here, they were printed both horizontally and vertically. Some athletes are featured in different poses on more than one card.


Backs of the cards are also different. Instead of the T218 cards, which were issued with Hassan, Mecca, and Tolstoi tobacco products, these were issued primarily with Honest Long Cut and, to a lesser extent, Miner’s Extra products. A much smaller amount of cards were printed with Red Cross Tobacco products and those are significantly harder to find.

When it comes to determining the rarity of these cards, on the whole, T218 cards are much easier to find than T219. The most common T219 back is the one with advertising for Honest Long Cut. Miner’s is significantly harder than that one and Red Cross is rarest of all.

1910 Champion Pugilists Checklist (T219)

  1. Abe Attell
  2. Matty Baldwin
  3. Patsy Brannigan
  4. Knock-Out Brown
  5. Frankie Conley
  6. Young Corbett
  7. Johnny Coulon
  8. Leach Cross
  9. Al Delmont
  10. Dave Deschler
  11. Young Donahoe
  12. Jem Driscoll
  13. Abe Goodman
  14. Jack Goodman
  15. Battling Hurley
  16. Joe Jeannette
  17. Jim Jeffries
  18. Jack Johnson
  19. Al Kaufman
  20. Stan Ketchell
  21. Bert Keyes
  22. Frank Klaus
  23. Patsy Kline
  24. Sam Langford
  25. Harry Lewis
  26. Willie Lewis
  27. Young Loughrey
  28. Johnny Marto
  29. Packey McFarland
  30. Phil McGovern
  31. Honey Mellody
  32. Owen Moran
  33. Tommy Murphy
  34. Frankie Neil
  35. Battling Nelson
  36. Dick Nelson
  37. Young Nitchie
  38. Jack O’Brien
  39. Tommy O’Keefe
  40. Tommy O’Toole
  41. William Papke
  42. Unk Russell
  43. Jim Stewart
  44. Harry Stone
  45. Jack Sullivan
  46. Mike Sullivan
  47. Jimmy Walsh
  48. Fred Welch
  49. Billy West
  50. Ad Wolgast

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