1905 Cohen Weenen Proverbs Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cohen Weenen Proverbs
Year 1905
Size 1 1/2″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Tobacco
Number in Set

1904 Cohen Weenen Proverbs Set Overview

1905 Cohen Weenen Proverbs BoxingThese cards were issued by Cohen, Weenen & Company for their cigarette packages. The firm was based in London and, as a result, the cards are not seen too often here in the U.S. compared to other sets.

One of Cohen Weenen’s most popular sets is a 25-card set of boxers issued in 1912. But the company created numerous card sets — and often they are rare.

This is one of their rarer sets. It can be considered almost entirely a non-sports set. However, at least one sports card of sorts is included in it – a boxing card. The set includes various proverbs. Each card includes a color cartoon loosely related to a particular phrase. It is similar to another Cohen Weenen set produced around the same time called Naval and Military Phrases. They are mostly humorous in nature since they don’t really depict the true meaning of the phrases.

The boxing card, for example, is called He giveth twice that gives in a trice. The card pictures a boxer hitting a man in the face.

Backs of the cards are printed in blue ink and advertise the company’s Sweet Crop Smoking Mixture. Cohen Weenen called it ‘A most delicious smoke’ that was ‘always reliable.’ The blue ink backs say the cards are part of a series of 400 subjects but only 30 cards are known in this specific set.

The set is often cited as from 1905 but has been assigned some other dates as year from the early 1900s.

The cards are pretty rare to find and not seen all that often. Commons typically sell for around $10 while the boxing card may cost a little more due to its sports nature.

1905 Cohen Weenen Proverbs Checklist

Cards known to be in the set are below and any sports-themed cards are identified in parentheses.

  1. A good thing is soon
  2. A man may lead his horse to water but cannot make him drink
  3. All is not gold that glitters
  4. Always endeavour to make both ends meet
  5. Any port in a storm
  6. Better late than never
  7. Comply cheerfully when necessity enjoins
  8. He giveth twice that gives in a trice (Boxing)
  9. It takes two to make a quarrel
  10. It’s a poor heart that never rejoices
  11. No noose, good news
  12. Possession is nine points of the law
  13. Two’s company, three’s none
  14. When in Rome, do as Rome does
  15. When the cat’s away the mice will play
  16. TBD
  17. TBD
  18. TBD
  19. TBD
  20. TBD
  21. TBD
  22. TBD
  23. TBD
  24. TBD
  25. TBD
  26. TBD
  27. TBD
  28. TBD
  29. TBD
  30. TBD

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