1934 Ilsa Sweets Sportvocu Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Ilsa Sweets Sportvocu
Year 1934
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 3/8″
Images Black and White
Type Candy/Gum
Number in Set

1934 Ilsa Sweets Sportvocu Overview

Team USA Hockey 1934 Ilsa Sweets1934 Ilsa Sweets Paulino Uzcudun Boxing1934 Ilsa Sweets Bill Tilden TennisThe 1934 Ilsa Sweets set was a multi-sport release covering all sorts of subjects.

From a sports card collector’s standpoint, the most interesting ones are likely the cards featuring hockey, boxing, and tennis. Some of the key issues featured here are Olympic hockey teams, boxers Jack Dempsey and Max Schmeling (among others), and tennis greats Bill Tilden, Fred Perry, and Suzanne Lenglen.

The cards themselves are about as understated as can be imagined. Each one features a black and white picture of an athlete or a team inside of a thick white border. The lone print is on the mostly blank back – a card number and name of the subject.

To date, I have not yet seen a complete checklist for this set. But we know from PSA’s population report that there are more than 200 cards as a Canadian hockey issue is numbered at 203.

1934 Ilsa Sweets Sportvocu Checklist

A full checklist for this set has not yet been developed.

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