1922 Boys’ Friend Rising Boxing Stars Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Boys’ Friend Rising Boxing Stars
Year 1922
Size 1 5/8″ x 2 1/2″
Images Black and White
Type Publications
Number in Set

1922 Boys’ Friend Rising Boxing Stars Overview

1922 Boys' Friend Rising Boxing StarsThese cards were distributed by Boys’ Friend publication, a British tabloid newspaper.

The company previously distributed a 1911 set of only three cards. This one was significantly larger and had a different look. These were given away with the publication with a different card appearing each week during a brief period in 1922 from May 6 through August 12. They are commonly mistaken for being a 1920 set but were distributed in 1922.

Cards have black and white images with white borders. The backs had a few different styles early on, although after the third card, the same vertical design was used on all. Backs included the boxer’s name and a biography of the subject. The bottom of the card indicated that another card would be given away the following week. At the conclusion of the series, the publication then issued a set of footballers.

1922 Boys’ Friend Rising Boxing Stars Checklist

  1. George Cook (May 6)
  2. Johnny Brown (May 13)
  3. Johnny Basham (May 20)
  4. Charles Penwill (May 27)
  5. Charles Ledoux (June 3)
  6. Jim Higgins (June 10)
  7. Seaman James Hall (June 17)
  8. Bugler Lake (June 24)
  9. Soldier Horace Jones (July 1)
  10. Arthur Wyns (July 8)
  11. Tommy Harrison (July 15)
  12. Dick Smith (July 22)
  13. Eugene Criqui (July 29)
  14. Frank Goddard (August 5)
  15. Bermondsey Billy Wells (August 12)

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