1910 Robertson’s Candy Set and Checklist (V153)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Robertson’s Candy (V153)
Year 1910
Size 1 3/8″ x 2 5/8″
Images Color
Type Canadian
Number in Set

1910 Robertson’s Candy Overview

V153 Battling NelsonThese caramel cards were issued in Canada and, as such, are given a V-Card designation in the American Card Catalog (V153). The set is similar to American Caramel’s E75 and E76 set and, in particular, the pictures and checklist perfectly align with E76.

Cards feature color images of fighters with a simple design and only their name at the bottom. And because the set was small enough, a complete checklist is printed on the backs, as was the case with many of the shorter caramel card issues where something like that was feasible.

Backs indicated the cards were part of a set of 20 Prize Fighter cards. As such, this set is sometimes called the Prize Fighters set. They were packaged with Robertson’s Pure Sugar Candy with one card wrapped with each one of those.

These cards are relatively hard to find and rarely on eBay. Typically, better conditioned ones are reserved for traditional auction houses. Even in nice lower grade condition, commons can sell for around $100 each.

1910 Robertson’s Candy Checklist

  1. Jimmy Britt
  2. Joe Choyinski
  3. Jim Corbett
  4. Young Corbett
  5. George Dixon
  6. Bobby Fitzsimmons
  7. Joe Gans
  8. George Gardner
  9. Marvin Hart
  10. Jim Jeffries
  11. Peter Maher
  12. Kid McCoy
  13. Terry McGovern
  14. Jack Munroe
  15. Battling Nelson
  16. Jack O’Brien
  17. Gus Ruhlin
  18. Tom Sharkey
  19. John Sullivan
  20. Joe Walcott

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