Sports Bookmark Trade Cards (HD8F)

‘It’s In The Details’

Title HD8F Sports Bookmark Trade Cards
Year Unknown
Size 1 7/8″ x 6″
Images Color
Type Trade Card
Number in Set

Sports Bookmark Trade Cards (HD8F) Overview

Hallet and Davis Pianos Football BookmarkHD8F Soapine Baseball BookmarkThese unique trade cards were actually bookmarks for at least two companies – Soapine, a cleaner that could be used for all sorts of household items and furniture, and Hallet & Davis, a piano company. They were likely used by others. They are not only shaped like bookmarks, but actually have the word ‘bookmark’ printed on them.

They were clearly an advertisement and are considered a trade card issue. advertising bookmarks were identified by Jefferson Burdick in his American Card Catalog in his Art Types category in the Advertising Cards Classification. Art Types are identified as HD8 and bookmarks are in subsection ‘F’. Therefore, this issue has the somewhat cumbersome HD8F label.

While I have seen many subjects in this set, the only athletes I have seen are the baseball and football players pictured here. Some of these bookmarks have a turquoise and white-colored border with a floral print while other borders are red.

Trade Card No. 205 Connection

Of particular note is that this image may seem familiar to trade card enthusiasts.

Card No. 205 (as cataloged by trade card collector Frank Keetz) was a trade issue produced for Western and Southern Life Insurance. That set featured these same children in the same outfit/pose against a blank background on a traditional trade card instead of a bookmark.

It should be noted that, while I have not seen a bookmark for the other two children in that trade card set (girl playing tennis and golf), I would suspect they exist based on the inclusion of the baseball and football players.

Sports Bookmark Trade Cards (HD8F) Checklist

A complete checklist is not known. However, with regards to only the sports figures, I will assume the same checklist as the No. 205 trade cards.

  1. Male Baseball Batter
  2. Male Football Player
  3. Female Golfer (not yet seen, but assumed)
  4. Female Tennis Player (not yet seen, but assumed)

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