1907 Cracker Jack Bears Postcards Set (E147) and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title Cracker Jack Bears Postcards (E147)
Year 1907
Size 3″ x 5 3/8″
Images Color
Type Candy/Caramel and Postcard
Number in Set

1907 Cracker Jack Bears Postcards Set (E147) Overview

1907 Craker Jack Bears Baseball PostcardThis set of postcards was released in 1907 by Cracker Jack. While it is mostly a non-sports issue, it includes a baseball card in it.

While these are postcards, they are actually categorized as early candy/caramel cards in the American Card Catalog by author Jefferson Burdick with an E147 designation.

Fronts of the postcards included color images of the Cracker Jack Bears traveling all over the place and participating in various activities. Some backs have a standard postcard backing but a second type includes instructions on the reverse on how to receive a complete set. Presumably, the cards without the instructions were the ones that were sent out by the company, though I haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere.

Two of the more notable postcards, in addition to the baseball issue, shows one of the bears meeting president Teddy Roosevelt and another with Roosevelt hunting. Those cards were not only notable because Roosevelt was the president but also because the ‘teddy bear’ was inspired by his name.

As indicated on the backs of the cards with instructions, a complete set was sent to anyone in exchange for the sides off of ten Cracker Jack packages. A set could also be purchased for ten cents in silver or stamps along with the side of one Cracker Jack package.

Notably, backs also have the name Rueckheim Bros. and Eckstein printed on them. That was actually the current name of the company making the product before the Cracker Jack name was officially adopted in 1922.

Finally, collectors should be aware that these cards were reprinted. The reprinted variation has white borders and is more square/less rectangular in nature. While the reprints have a postcard backing, they are typically easy to spot compared to the borderless originals.


As I’ve written here, this is likely the first ‘baseball card’ issued by Cracker Jack, predating their popular 1914 and 1915 baseball only sets.

The baseball card, shown above, features a batter and catcher, along with a short poem.

We’re a great success upon the field
And with effect the bat can wield
But playing ball grows rather slack
When we can eat good Cracker Jack

The baseball scene depicted is a comical one. The catcher  is wearing a chest protector but has it on backwards. He is also wearing baseball gloves for kneepads. In place of a catcher’s mitt, he is using a box of Cracker Jack to shield himself from the incoming ball.

1907 Cracker Jack Bears Postcards Set (E147) Checklist

  1. Lincoln Zoo
  2. Dropping Cracker Jack from Hot Air Balloon
  3. Niagara Falls
  4. Statue of Liberty
  5. Coney Island
  6. New York
  7. Meeting Teddy Roosevelt
  8. Jamestown Fair
  9. Peanut Farm
  10. Husking Corn
  11. Circus
  12. Baseball
  13. Cracker Jack Factory
  14. Cracker Jack Cooks
  15. Teddy Roosevelt (Hunting)
  16. Mars

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