1919 IFS Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard Postcards Set and Checklist

‘It’s In The Details’

Title IFS Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard Postcards
Year 1919
Size 3 1/2″ x 5″
Images Black and White
Type Postcards
Number in Set

1919 IFS Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard Postcards Overview

Jack Dempsey Jess Willard 1919 RPPC IFS PostcardThis set of postcards was created to commemorate the 1919 fight between Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard.

The fight itself was a particularly brutal one for Willard, who entered as the champion. Willard was knocked down a total of seven times in the first round alone and the fight ended after only three rounds. Occurring on the Fourth of July, it is one of the more notable bouts in the pre-war era and was the one that catapulted Jack Dempsey to stardom.

The postcards include real black and white photos courtesy of the IFS. Pictures on the front are surrounded white borders. The fronts also include a handwritten description of the image, which serves as a de facto title for each card, along withe IFS name. Photographs also bear the name N. Moser of New York, who was presumably the creator of the postcards.

These postcards are rare and have an AZO stamp on the back. Collectors should note a couple of things when looking for them. First, some photographs and copies of the photographs used to produce them are often for sale. Those, however, simply have blank backs and are not the postcards from this set. Additionally, collectors should be aware that a later reprint of the original set was produced.

While I have dated these to 1919 as that was the year of the fight, some sources claim they are from 1920.

The postcards are not numbered. However, one depicting Dempsey as the new champion after winning the fight would presumably be the last one in the set.

1919 IFS Jack Dempsey-Jess Willard Postcards Checklist

  1. Counting Willard Out
  2. Jack Dempsey – The New Champion Ready for Action
  3. Ringside – Willard & Dempsey Championship Bout
  4. Willard & Dempsey World Championship Bout
  5. Willard Knocked to the Ropes
  6. Willard Takes Some Heavy Punishment in the Last Round

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